Four Wheel Drive Inspection

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BG&S Transmissions: The Experts in Four Wheel Drive Inspection Services

Four wheel drive is essential for driving on snow, ice, and rough terrain. Whether you have a full-time or part-time 4WD system, it's crucial to keep it in top condition to ensure maximum traction and prevent slippage. At BG&S Transmissions, we offer comprehensive 4WD inspection services to keep your vehicle performing as intended.

Our team of experts understands the various components that make up a 4WD system, including the transfer case, differentials, and hubs. We know that the transfer case is a critical component that deals with high heat and friction, which can cause the fluid to become contaminated. Our 4WD inspection service includes a check of the transfer case fluid and a thorough examination of the gears, shafts, and hubs.

We also understand that faulty hubs can prevent a part-time 4WD vehicle from switching between driving modes. If you're experiencing any issues engaging or disengaging from a part-time 4WD system, or you suspect it's time for a checkup, bring your vehicle to us for a four wheel drive inspection.

Don't let a malfunctioning 4WD system compromise your safety on the road. Trust BG&S Transmissions to keep your vehicle in top condition with our expert four wheel drive inspection services.

Overall, having regular four wheel drive inspection services performed by a trusted professional like BG&S Transmissions can provide numerous benefits, including:

  1. Improved Performance: Regular inspections can help ensure that all components of your 4WD system are working properly, which can help improve your vehicle’s overall performance, especially when driving on challenging terrain.
  2. Increased Safety: A properly functioning 4WD system can help provide better traction and control, which can help prevent accidents and keep you and your passengers safe.
  3. Extended Lifespan: Routine inspections and maintenance can help prolong the lifespan of your 4WD system components, preventing premature failure and costly repairs down the line.
  4. Cost Savings: Addressing issues with your 4WD system early on can prevent more extensive damage and costly repairs in the future. Additionally, maintaining and repairing these components can help improve fuel efficiency, saving you money at the pump.

Overall, if you own a four wheel drive vehicle, it’s important to have regular inspections and maintenance performed to ensure that your vehicle is operating at its best and that you are able to take advantage of all the benefits that 4WD has to offer. If you suspect that your vehicle’s 4WD system is experiencing issues, don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule an inspection and keep your vehicle running smoothly.