Differential Fluid Change

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BG&S Transmissions: The Fundamentals of Differential Fluid Change Services

Differential fluid plays a crucial role in lubricating the differential of AWD, 4WD, RWD, and FWD vehicles. While most FWD cars have a transaxle instead of a separate differential, there are some exceptions. The differential's primary function is to distribute power to the wheels, allowing them to turn at varying speeds. When your vehicle makes a turn, each wheel covers a different distance. The two wheels on the inside of the turn travel a shorter distance than the two on the outside, and the front and back wheels also travel different distances. Despite these differences, the differential enables your vehicle to make turns smoothly, and differential fluid keeps its moving parts lubricated. Therefore, it is essential to keep your differential fluid clean to ensure a smooth ride.

Why Choose BG&S Transmissions for Your Differential Fluid Change Services?

Differential fluid reduces friction-induced heat within the differential. However, continuous friction and heat can eventually break down the differential fluid, leading to unreliable performance, noise, excessive wear, breakdown, or failure. When the differential fails completely, your entire differential system will need replacement. Always refer to your vehicle's owner's manual to determine the correct service intervals for differential fluid changes. Our differential fluid change service involves replacing the old fluid with new differential fluid, preparing your vehicle for optimal lubrication. During this process, our service team may inspect other differential components, such as gears and shafts, for excessive wear, ensuring that your differential functions correctly.

At BG&S Transmissions, we specialize in providing high-quality differential fluid change services. Our experienced technicians use only top-quality fluids and replacement parts to ensure that your differential system is functioning at optimal levels. We understand that keeping your vehicle running smoothly is important, which is why we take the time to inspect your differential system thoroughly and identify any issues that need to be addressed.

If you are experiencing any issues with your differential system, such as unusual noises, difficulty turning, or poor performance, it is important to have it inspected as soon as possible. Ignoring these issues can lead to more serious problems and costly repairs. Contact BG&S Transmissions today to schedule a differential fluid change service appointment and keep your vehicle running smoothly.